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Wood Fence is the original barrier dating back centuries and remains the most versatile product in the fence industry. Custom on-site wood fence installation allows for an increased ability to navigate terrain, work with challenging landscapes and provide a fence that is as basic or unique as our customer desires.

Wood Fences are the most popular style of fence for single family homes for many reasons. First, they are practical and fit with most HOA guidelines. Second, they are strong and sturdy, and last for many years with limited maintenance. Finally, if there are issues in the future with your wooden fence, they are extremely easy and inexpensive to repair. 

With many styles of wood fence exist, from the standard dog-eared privacy fence, the classic spaced picket fence, a classic shadowbox design, to those that mimic the look of an ornamental aluminum fence, wood fence installation is an intimate process that caters directly to your needs and desires. 


Highly customizable to any style that your imagination can think of, wood is the ultimate way to a cost-effective barrier or privacy.

Face Nailed Dog Ear Privacy
Toe-Nailed TopBottom Cap Board on Board
Three-Rail Stockade
Three-Rail Stockade Gate
Horizontal Board on Board with Lattice
6ft Vineyard Picket
4ft Gapped Picket
Three-Rail Stockade with Post Caps
Horizontal Shadowbox
Toe-Nailed Single Cap Board on Board
Two-Rail Toe-Nailed Stockade
6x6 Three Rail Stockade.png
Three-Rail Wire .png
6ft Shadowbox.png
6ft Shadowbox2.png


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